While I Was Asleep

After My Time
When I am gone
Bury my bones
Deep in the ground
Pray I will find
Some peace of mind
After my time

You ask who I am
I was just like you
Living day by day
That used to be true
Now it’s time to go
And I ain’t coming back
I can see despair in your eyes
But please don’t turn away

Driven away
My brother and I
broken by war
I had to watch him die
I have seen it all
And here’s what I’ve got to say
I can see the hope in your eyes
So please don’t turn away

Sit for a while
Make me feel safe
Let us pretend
That there is a place
Far away from here
and this is not the end
I can see the tears in your eyes
But please don’t turn away

Rolling On
Fled the house, where it all began
Left a blazing fire and away I ran
Scars might heal, but I’ve got no time to wait
Just make it rain, before it is too late

Met a man, claimed he knew the way
I said who is leading, and who’s gone astray
He just smiled and told me what was right
I might be blind, I didn’t see the light

I’ve got nothing in my pockets, I have paid all my dues
I’ve got blisters on my toes from the holes in my shoes
I’ve got no one to love, but I’ve got friends left to lose
And the train keeps rolling on

I will try to make it to the end
Could there be a way, still, for my soul to mend
I have felt the power of the few
Feeding my guilt, deciding what is true

If This is What Loneliness Feels Like
If this is what loneliness feels like
I’ve never been lonely before
Those letters you so eloquently turned into words
And left for me one morning on a note by the door
If this is what loneliness feels like
I’ve never been lonely before

If this is what heartbreak feels like
I’ve never been broken before
The world that collapsed when you killed our romance
And unlike Rome built back up in a day when you said there was a chance
If this is what heartbreak feels like
I’ve never been broken before

You had me guessing, and I thought I had won
But I was getting, getting it wrong cause in your mind you are already gone

If this is what weariness feels like
I’ve never been weary before
Those hours by the phone spent waiting for your call
While my mind was racing and my thoughts were at war
If this is what weariness feels like
I’ve never been weary before
If this is what loneliness feels like
I’ve never been lonely before

Better Than Gold
I knew a boy, he was older than me
He could jump any creek, he could climb any tree
He taught me a lot about breaking the rules
And he told me a man can be wise or he can be a fool

Wanting it all
Will be your downfall
Always in the wrong place
What you’re chasing is not there to be found

When I turned eighteen and I went to sea
I forgot about fools and I thought I was free
Ten years went by and you know how it goes
I was seeking a fortune and running when love got too close

Wanting it all
Will be my downfall
Always in the wrong place
What I’m chasing is not there to be found

I was a fool for not bearing in mind
What he said once, that boy who was older than I
Better than gold is the time that you spend
Jumping creeks, climbing trees and then breaking some rules with a friend

Always Around
The jukebox is playing that old song you used to like
Something about love and how everything will be alright
I find it hard to believe that you could understand
What they were singing ‘bout, you only hear the band

When you’re eastbound
You know where I’m found
I am the one who’s always around

I’m by the bar, they never fixed that broken chair
Can’t even recall why you sent it flying through the air
I have got time for one more drink before I go
Unlike the good old times, tonight I’ll drink it slow

While I was Asleep
You came along and swept me away
Like a hurricane in the month of May
Tender words and a touch so light
gentle as the rain on a summer night

Oh, have mercy

While I was asleep, you turned and walked away
It was only a dream, but now I fear you won’t stay

Wearing my heart on my sleave
Picturing it breaking as you leave
You came along and swept me away
I can only hope you won’t lead me astray

I am a traveller moving between towns I do not know
They do not keep me long or keep me warm, I don’t mind though

Sleeping on a floor of crumbled glass
Remaining pieces of my broken past

I said my farewell
And I left you standing as I fell
The road back to you
Is taking me a lifetime

The love you gave me could have saved me, so why did I let go
The fear of flying, fear of trying, fear of dying too slow

Wondering why I didn’t take the chance
The night you offered me that second dance

To have and to hold
Is a choice, so I’ve been told
If I only knew
Back when it was me and you

Ballad of an Outlaw
My story is true, though I’ve not been in chains
Today I’ll be free, for I have been slain
Twenty long years in these mountains I’ve roamed
Calling them mother, church and home

Seeing a wrong that I wanted to right
I ended a life and ran in the night
Finding no peace, just a bed made of stone
Longing for mother, church and home

Early in springtime, still snow on the ground
I went to a hill above my old town
Spotting a man that I once used to know
Courting my lover, church and home

Then one day
A bullet came my way
Shot down cold
Never to grow old

Will they all weep when they hear I am dead
Or will they salute my killer instead
I know I’ll rest when they lower me down
Close to my mother, church and home

Don’t I Know You
Don’t I know you, you know I do
Still you seem to take me for a fool
Don’t I know you, you know I do
But there you go, playing it cool

You keep telling me everything is alright
I can see there’s a battle raging inside that you won’t fight
Stacking all of your troubles into a pile
You ain’t keeping your head above water, you’re going down in style

You try stalling for time but there is no way
All the things on your mind will magically fade and go away
Handling most of the weight of the burden you bear
Still you can’t hide it from me, how long can you fake that you don’t care

This is me calling the bluff about the state that you’re in
I can’t watch it no more, as the fever is burning through your skin
Finally you reveal what was pulling you down
I’m not saying it won’t be hard, but we’ll turn this thing around

How I Wish
How I wish for a voice so strong
To keep a promise made when I was young
How I wish I knew how to begin
and dare to stand my ground when things get grim

Oh darling, let’s keep trying
Don’t give up the fight
Oh darling, don’t stop dreaming
Things will be alright

How I wish for another try
At joining hands instead of asking why
How I wish there was a way
To paint in colors and rid of all this grey